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The Bari-Breeze Low Air Loss (LAL) Mattress Replacement system is a support surface designed to assist clinicians with the prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers in patients weighing up to 455kg (1000lbs). The Bari-Breeze system provides excellent pressure reduction for bariatric patients assessed to be at very high risk of developing pressure ulcers and for all grades of pressure ulcer up to and including grade 4.

Using ‘true LAL’ the Bari-Breeze system ensures the best possible outcome for bariatric patients at risk of pressure ulcers by effectively redistributing pressure away from vulnerable areas by a process of controlled immersion and envelopment while the high air flow is designed to stabilise the microclimate at the skin-mattress interface.

A bariatric person may have limitations in health and social care due to physical size, health, mobility and environmental issues. The specific risks involved are pressure ulcers, complications related to immobility; the cardiovascular and respiratory systems; and manual handling by the caregiver. The Bari-Breeze Low Air Loss, Turn Assist Mattress Replacement system addresses all these issues.

The Turn Assist feature of the Bari-Breeze system provides a range of turn time and angle settings to help carers move the patient from side to side. Lateral rotation not only assists with pressure redistribution but may have additional benefits in other physiological functions such as the respiratory, circulatory, digestive and urinary systems as well as enhanced comfort and patient choice.

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