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The Bi-Flex® pressure reducing trolley mattress replacement system is manufactured using high quality foams known to be crucial for prolonged mattress life.

The Bi-Flex system is suitable for all individuals including those assessed to be at risk of developing pressure ulcers. It forms an essential element of your ‘Insurance Policy’ against pressure ulcer development in the Accident and Emergency Department and other healthcare areas where a trolley may be used.

The Bi-Flex system provides the optimum balance - effective pressure reduction combined with a superior level of patient comfort. The trolley mattress replacement has been developed using two layers of foam, the base foam is a higher density to provide support for the patient in the sitting position and the top layer is a lower density foam for comfort and easy gatching when the trolley is profiled. There is no need for special mattresses to be made in order to provide effective gatching. The design maximises contact areas and reduces the potential for localised high pressures.

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