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Pentaflex products are manufactured using high quality foams known to be crucial for prolonged mattress life. The range has been developed using established design concepts and rigorously tested to ensure safety and long term performance. Testing under demanding conditions has shown that Pentaflex outperforms more expensive systems.

The size of this mattress can be customised to your requirements.

Value for money
Competitively priced, the range will meet your budget and exceed you expectations, to form an essential element of your "insurance policy" against pressure ulcer development.

Patient protection and comfort
The Pentaflex range provides the optimum balance - effective pressure reduction combined with a superior level of patient comfort. The zones of support are varied according to anatomical distribution of body mass, to create a high degree of conformity, especially near bony prominences.

Five zones of protection

  • Unique design
  • Maximises body contact area
  • Reduces potential for localised high pressures
  • Internal air channels - help reduce build up of heat and moisture
  • Improves patient comfort

Profiling and turning

  • Suitable for most profiling bed frames
  • TURNTABLE guide - encourages structured
    turning regimes in line with mattress care policies
  • Reversibility extends product life

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