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STOP Pressure Ulcer Day

Wound care societies have designated November 21 as world-wide Stop Pressure Ulcer day. Join the conversation @StopPUday2013

Pressure ulcers, especially those that are healthcare acquired are mostly preventable and can be eliminated. A pressure ulcer places an unnecessary burden on patients and our healthcare systems. Read the full worldwide STOP Pressure Ulcer Day press release here

Download resources here to support Stop Pressure Ulcer day?


Two versions of the logo are provided in a variety of file formats.

ArjoHuntleigh is working with the European Pressure Ulcer Advisory Board and wound care societies around the world to promote Pressure Ulcer Day on November 21st. We encourage you to join the conversation by following @StopPUday2013 http://www.twitter.com/StopPUday2013 on twitter and using #StopPUday2013.

Click here to visit the European Pressure Ulcer Advisory Panel (EPUAP) website


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