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Complete Solutions to Indivdual Needs


Ensure the Right Patient is Benefiting from the Right Product at the Right Time

ArjoHuntleigh rentals delivers effective rental programmes to hospitals and elderly care, assuring quality products and services for primarly pressure area management needs. Rental flexibility allows revenue budgets to be efficiently used in order to supply a full range of equipment on a contractual or ad hoc basis. You are not just renting equipment; A full range of tailored management and service options are built into your rental package to ensure a total quality approach.

Flexible Financial Options
Various contract options ensure that an individually tailored, on-going rental programme will be designed to meet equipment, clinical and educational needs for each customer.
Our Ad hoc renting possibilities enable you to use equipment and service packages when required, in order to help to meet fluctuating needs in "at risk" patient population.

The Equipment is Rented - the Service is Permanent
In a busy acute or community care environment we offer high quality effective equipment installed, together with a total support package. Each system follows a stringent procedure from the point of collection, where it is appropriately bagged and labelled for the laundry service centre, through the laundry and service cycle and into the rental fleet. To give you optimum support, our service centres are manned by a dedicated team of professionals, including advisors, collection drivers and service engineers.


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