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About Cleaning and Disinfection

Infections acquired in health care settings – nosocomial infections – are a major and growing problem. With the emergence and spread of potentially deadly antibiotic-resistant superbugs such as MRSA, effective infection control is more necessary than ever before.

Clearly there is an urgent need for a more effective, comprehensive approach to infection control in order to protect everyone in care facilities – carers, residents nurses and patients – from nosocomial infections.

ArjoHuntleigh took up the challenge by first identifying the essential conditions to support effective infection control at a care facility. The three basic requirements are defined as the right planning, the proper equipment and smoothly functioning hygiene routines.

These findings became the basis for developing a dynamic infection control concept – Disinfection 8. This figure-eight model clearly shows the flow of benefits that result when the right foundations for infection control are established. Effective infection control can set in motion a chain of positive consequences that enhance residents’ quality of life, improve the working environment for carers and enable facilities to provide better, more cost-effective care.

With unrivalled experience and expertise in four core areas – Infection Control, Injury Prevention, Resident Care and Facility Planning – ArjoHuntleigh can provide the support, systems and solutions to maximise Disinfection 8 benefits at your care facility.

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