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Enhance the Bathing Experience

Bathing is more than just hygiene. Bathing and showering is sometimes wrongly perceived as two methods you have to choose between.

The real truth is that your residents need to both bath and shower.

Bathing is used less frequently for personal hygiene. On the other hand, it offers many therapeutic advantages that your residents will not get from showering.

The bathing process promotes a sense of resident well-being. A warm bath soothes muscles and relaxes the mind.

For those with impaired mobility, bathing becomes even more important. A bath makes the body feel lighter, and the water’s buoyancy allows the resident greater freedom of movement.

You can enhance the bathing experience in a number of ways, creating perfect conditions to induce deep relaxation, stimulate circulation, support good skincare, maintain mobility, introduce Snoezelen, a sensory-based therapeutic approach, and apply the finishing aromatic touch with bath oils and fragrances.

ArjoHuntleigh bathing systems offer a secure environment for people of all levels of mobility. With options such as Hydromassage, Hydrosound and Sound & Vision you can transform the bath into a safe haven for hydrotherapy and gentle stimulation of the senses, maximising the beneficial effects of bathing for mind and body.

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