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This portal will be hosting Web Based Training, Bulletins and FAQ´s available to you 24 hours a day and all around the world.

The number one target group for this portal is service technicians. Although, other groups can largely benefit from this portal too. These include, support, sales, and spare parts representatives even managers can make great use of this portal.

BASIC IDEA The basic idea is to provide the trainees with a tool where they can receive convenient, accessible education, and at the same time have access to a library where necessary service and operational information can be found.

ACHIEVEMENTS The training will provide good product knowledge while focusing on safety for caretakers, caregivers and technicians. With future updates, templates for different fault finding techniques will be added.

INFORMATION The courses will give tips on how to find information on existing available media such as the service CD's and the ArjoHuntleigh Library.

STRUCTURE The courses are designed for self studies and are built around service and sales literature currently available. The users progress is stored in the system and allows them to keep track of their progress. This feature also allows administrators/trainers to get an overview on which students are most suitable to serve a specific product in their respective areas.

Within the portal is a student database where all progress from the students is saved. With this system, it takes just seconds to get an overview on who is most suitable to serve a product within a special area in the world.

Technical trainers all over the world will receive templates for hands on training sessions which are an essential complement to the theoretical training.

The complete technical training is set up into three phases, i.e.:
Step 1
Theoretical training on the internet

Step 2
Hands on and trouble shooting

Step 3
Certification and follow up of the training carried out

To visit the portal, please visit http://www.careprosis.com/

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