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Snoezelen, sensory-based therapy

Snoezelen is a sensory-based therapeutic approach that has gained wide acceptance in a range of care environments including special care and elderly care. The use of light, sound and other elements is used to gently stimulate the senses to create a relaxing environment that improves wellbeing.

The Sound & Vision option from ArjoHuntleigh enables you to create a calm multisensory bathroom environment in harmony with the Snoezelen philosophy. The underwater lights and built-in music system produce an atmosphere of restful colours and soothing sound that enhances the total bathing experience.

This multisensory experience in combination with the relaxing nature of bathing provides valuable opportunities to calm stressed or anxious patients and residents of all ages. As calmer patients require less care resources and medication, Sound & Vision creates benefits for the patient and care facility that are felt beyond the bathroom.

Add Fragrance
Bathing can be a source of enjoyment for all the senses, and the sense of smell is no exception. Pleasant fragrances have positive effects on mood in all age groups. Smelling a delightful aroma is a pleasurable experience, especially in the surroundings of a hot bath, where a person is relaxed and receptive.

ArjoHuntleigh provide a range of bath oils that are not only good for the skin, but also good to breathe in. The bath oil locks moisture in the skin to keep it soft and supple, but also releases beautiful fragrances as it reacts with steam from the hot bath. Using these bath oils adds aromatic appeal and another positive dimension to bathing sessions.

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