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Maintain Mobility

Mobility is a vital element in people’s quality of life. Maintaining and promoting mobility is a crucial part of good quality care. Bathing offers a natural and pleasurable way to help patients and residents maintain their existing mobility. Choosing a bath that offers Hydromassage boosts the mobility-enhancing benefits of bathing.

Immersion in warm water eases muscle tension and relieves pain. Importantly, it makes the body feel lighter, buoyancy reduces the load on joints, and movement becomes easier. This is a pleasant feeling for everyone who takes a bath, but is truly appreciated by people with limited mobility and those trying to regain mobility during rehabilitation.

Hydromassage actively increases the beneficial effects on muscles and joints. In fact, the massage action on skin and muscle triggers the flow of endorphins, the body’s naturally produced painkiller. The deep heat effect of Hydromassage reduces pain and inflammation in the joints, which greatly helps rheumatoid arthritis sufferers.

Mobility should not only be promoted in the tub, but also in the bathing cycle as a whole. Bathing provides opportunities to activate people with limited mobility. ArjoHuntleigh bathing systems include integrated solutions for bath transfers matched to people’s functional mobility and, where appropriate, these stimulate the use of existing mobility.

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