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Support Skincare

The skin protects the body and bathing can help to protect the skin. However, what you put in the bathwater can complement or counteract good skin management. Making sound choices in bath liquids and choosing Hydrosound as a washing method are two factors that can contribute to optimum skin care.

Using gentle, specially-formulated bath liquids helps to maintain natural suppleness and prevent skin breakdown. ArjoHuntleigh offers a range of products from bath oils to body washes that provide optimum conditioning and moisturising, as well as a special liquid to maximise skin care benefits during Hydrosound sessions.

Hydrosound offers a gentle touch for cleaning sensitive skin. This advanced system helps to protect skin by offering a kinder alternative to scrubbing and manual washing. An integrated ultrasound unit in the tub generates millions of jet streams. The imploding bubbles remove dirt particles from the skin in a gentle brushing action.

The Hydrosound effect is evenly distributed in the water and cleans the body thoroughly. Hydrosound is not only effective, it is also a pleasant experience, leaving the body with a pleasurable tingling feeling afterwards. Another pleasant aspect for patients is that their personal dignity is maintained, because washing assistance from carers is unnecessary.

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