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Stimulate Blood Circulation

A hot bath makes your skin glow, but what’s happening beneath the surface? Variations in bathwater temperature in relation to body temperature naturally stimulate blood circulation.

When a bath exceeds 34°C (93.2°F), the same temperature as the skin, the hot bathwater expands the skin’s blood vessels and blood pressure drops.

As the hot bathwater draws blood to the skin, it creates a pleasant feeling of warmth, which is especially appreciated by those with poor peripheral blood circulation. People with aches and pain in the leg caused by reduced circulation can therefore get simple access to effective pain relief from a hot bath.

Hydromassage amplifies the therapeutic effects of a hot bath on poor circulation. The pressurised water stream creates agitation in the water at an intensity that stimulates not only the skin, but also muscles and peripheral blood circulation. A treatment hose allows Hydromassage to stimulate circulation in specific parts of the body.

Close control of bathing conditions is essential to ensure maximum blood circulation improvements. ArjoHuntleigh bathing systems allow exact control both of water temperature and Hydromassage sessions, which can be preset with a built-in timer for personalised treatment.

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