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A Well Planned Sluice Room Solution...

Care facilities and hospitals need a continuous flow of disinfected goods from their sluice rooms. A well planned, optimum sluice room plays a central role in effective infection control and is critical for successfully implementing Disinfection 8.

ArjoHuntleigh can help you plan, design and equip a sluice room that is ideal for your facility’s specific needs. Our sluice room solution will help you to establish, maintain and benefit from the Disinfection 8 concept.

An ArjoHuntleigh sluice room solution is always based on the Four Cornerstones. These four features are essential for maintaining good working practices and achieving a high level of infection control.

1. Soiled area – a collection point for soiled goods separated from clean areas.
2. Hand wash station – a conveniently sited hand washbasin and accessories.
3. Flusher disinfector – for automated cleaning and disinfection of various bedpans, urine bottles or commode buckets.
4. Clean storage area – a storage location for clean goods separated from soiled areas.

ArjoHuntleigh provides a range of sluice room elements such as cabinets, hand wash stations and flusher disinfectors. These elements are designed as modular solutions giving a high degree of design flexibility when planning an optimum sluice room.

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