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Bariatric care can offer safe solutions for showering and toileting with gentle and discreet handling that maintains patient dignity. 

The carer needs to feel confident that hygiene routines ensure dignified handling of the bariatric person in a safe working environment. This is particularly the case in wet, potentially slippery shower facilities. Solutions must also take into account the patient’s adipose tissue, which may be a complicating factor in handling and hygiene routines. 

Having access to the right resources, such as Carmina combined bariatric commode and mobile shower chair – can open up possibilities to promote mobility for some patients rather than resorting to passive methods such as bedpans and bedbaths. 

Albert, Barbara, Carl, Doris: these patients can use Carmina bedside commode chair, rather than a bedpan. The transfer method from bed to commode chair is chosen according to functional mobility level.
Emma: a bedpan is generally used.

Albert, Barbara, Carl: a mobile bariatric shower/commode chair such as Carmina provides a safe comfortable solution for these patients. The A-B groups can transfer to the shower chair independently or with the help of a walking aid. Patients in the C group are generally transferred using a mobile sling lifter.
Doris, Emma: mobility restrictions mean these patients are generally washed in bed.

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