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How to Reduce Strain Problems

The points below highlight measures that will ensure a reduced risk of injuries among carers and residents while also increasing efficiency and increasing wellbeing within health care.

• Well-informed and highly motivated staff who know how the body functions and recognise the difference between harmful and non-harmful working methods.

• Modern, optimally functioning mechanical aids.

• Mechanical aids that make it possible for staff to work with a straight back close to the patient.

• Staff who are trained in working techniques.

• Special back experts, members of the nursing staff who have in-depth knowledge of correct working techniques and ensure that colleagues work in a back-friendly manner.

• Lifting journals containing notes on how each resident should be lifted and transferred.

• Workspaces, such as bathroom and toilet areas, which are designed and equipped for the work intended to be carried out there.

• A psychologically sound working climate – the body is the mirror of the soul.

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