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In the Chair

All patient groups benefit from time spent in a good upright position and this is especially true in bariatric care. Safe seating solutions for individual needs are available to bring these benefits within reach. 

Providing safe access to comfortable seating is an important aspect of bariatric care. Sitting upright can help improve clinical outcomes in a number of areas such as lung function and blood circulation. This also has positive benefits for combating immobility and provides an opportunity for social interaction, which enhances quality of life. Safe transfer solutions to and from the chair are available for individual patient needs, making access a simple procedure.

Sitting in the correct sized chair ensures the patient’s comfort and well-being. The optimum chair can be identified following an assessment of the patient, taking into account factors such as weight, body shape and weight distribution. The chair should offer a satisfactory safe working load and adequate seat dimensions that provide enough space for the patient’s hips and adipose tissue, as well as easy access for applying patient slings.

Seating: a range of bariatric chairs is available covering a wide spectrum of safe working loads. The chair selection process should also take the patient’s body shape and weight distribution into consideration.

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