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Services and Offering

ArjoHuntleigh is best placed to identify and provide optimised solutions. With the Bariatric Gallery patient assessment tool and proven policies, protocols and guidelines for care environments, ArjoHuntleigh can help minimise risks for carers and patients.

We offer complete solutions for bariatric care and provide the support you need every step of the way – from initial consulting to adapting to future needs.

ArjoHuntleigh acts as a partner in consultations to identify solutions for specific care environments. Assistance is provided on all aspects of improving the basic conditions for quality care: sufficient space, the proper mechanical aids and the correct working techniques. A tailored consulting package may include elements such as: advice on clinical management, product selection, policy development and environment design. Advice is always practical and applicable, a solutions-focused approach to improve the working environment and meet individual patient needs.


Bariatric products and systems
ArjoHuntleigh solutions are designed with the needs of bariatric people in mind. Full product compatibility means integrated systems can be created that are sensitively geared to the bariatric person’s complex care needs. After installation, our maintenance and service network keep products and systems working safely and efficiently long into the future.

Beyond the clear operating instructions and DVD guides for efficient product operation, we help to embed overall solutions by providing staff training and education on safe working practices and other aspects of bariatric care.

The future
ArjoHuntleigh is continuously updating its knowledge on bariatric research and best practice. You can rely on us for continued support in finding the right solutions to meet changing needs in bariatric care.

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