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Facts and Figures

Facts and figures on obesity - a global epidemic

• In the UK obesity has almost tripled in the past 20 years.
  It has been estimated that by 2010, one in four adults will be obese (4).

• It has been estimated that 2-8% of the total sick care costs 
  in Western countries are  attributable to obesity (4). 

• In Europe the prevalence of obesity has increased by 
  approximately 10-40% in the  past 10 years. Prevalence in European 
  countries ranges from 10-20% in men and 10-25% in women (4). 

• There are 58 million adults who are overweight in America; 
  40 million are obese and 3 million morbidly obese (4). 

• In 1998 WHO declared childhood obesity as a global epidemic. An estimated
  17.6 millionchildren under the age of 5 are overweight worldwide (1). 

• In developing countries it is estimated that over 115 million people 
  suffer from obesity related problems (5).

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