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Optimal Solutions for Bariatric Care

Obesity is now recognised as a global epidemic. Care environments have to rapidly adapt to the challenges of bariatric care. One of the challenges is the widespread perception among carers that bariatric care is physically and psychologically demanding. Our aim is to change that perception by showing that safe, optimum solutions for bariatric care are already available.

A complete care package is based on an individual assessment, taking into consideration factors such as weight, weight distribution, skin management, mobility and related health problems.

The principles of good care are the same in bariatric care as in any other area. Overweight, obese and morbidly obese people have a right to safe, dignified care, and carers have a right to a safe working environment.

The route to delivering quality care begins by predicting the challenges in all stages of the care process and then preparing for them. Clearly, the work-related risks in bariatric care are potentially greater – the key to carer confidence is assessing and minimising those risks to create a working environment with the required space, equipment and working techniques in place.

Quite simply, the challenges of bariatric care can be met today using existing solutions tailored to individual needs.

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