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ArjoHuntleigh consultancy services, Diligent, analyse a care facility’s needs for working space, mechanical aids and staff training, and generate a tailored plan to create optimum conditions for achieving Positive Eight benefits and a safe patient handling environment.

Clinical consultants oversee comprehensive, integrated and seamless injury prevention programs that are customized to each facility's unique needs.

Economic efficiency

Healthcare organizations today need solutions that improve operating income and cash flow.

The Diligent clinical program significantly reduces patient and employee accidents and injuries that occur in the patient handling process.

Aside from reducing workers compensation claims, preventing injuries will increase cash flow by reducing the expenses associated with:   

  • Staff recruitment
  • New hire training
  • Temporary agency replacement
  • Liability claims


The National Safety Council in the US estimates that $4 to $10 is spent indirectly for every $1 spent in direct workers compensation costs. Given that at least 50% of these accidents are preventable, the financial analysis would look as follows:  

  • If a 300 bed hospital has $ 300,000 in workers compensation claims per year, there is at least another $1,200,000 in expenses being spent to replace these injured workers, provide training for replacements, administrate the claim, and deal with decreases in staff productivity.
  • If only 50% of these accidents are preventable with Diligent™, the financial analysis would look like the chart below.

Financial Managers will recognize that increasing the operating income by $750,000 per year at this hospital is the equivalent of generating $15,000,000 in new revenue each year at a 5% operating margin.

By forming a strong alliance with professional organizations, Diligent can provide guaranteed ergonomic solutions that reach beyond the typical patient care aspect and into the entire facility to include safe working techniques throughout.



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