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Clinical Service
ArjoHuntleigh's aims to provide you with clinically relevant topics through a comprehensive range of literature and study guides, in the form of training sessions, specialist study days, interactive web based programmes and clinical evidence brochures and abstracts.

We are actively involved in furthering positive developments in ergonomics the health care field. ArjoHuntleigh has promoted the concept of a ”non-lifting culture” for many years through our leaflets and publications.

ArjoHuntleigh is a participant, often as a consultant, in organisations that set national and international ergonomics codes and regulations. This gives ArjoHuntleigh an influential role in ensuring high safety requirements for equipment and ensures its own equipment fully complies with current international and national codes.

By listening, developing, manufacturing and educating, ArjoHuntleigh has become a part of the process for improving the quality of care whtihin ergonomics. 



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