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Welcome to a safe working environment

What is an ArjoHuntleigh ergonomic solution? It goes far beyond the equipment. Our experience, gained from decades of listening to healthcare professionals, has enabled us to identify and provide the key elements for an ergonomic working environment.

Our solutions offer not just advanced ergonomic equipment and systems, but also the staff training that is required for safe, high-quality care. Through our consultancy services, we create a tailored package optimised to meet the needs of individual care facilities.

We have built up a unique knowledge bank on ergonomics over the past 40 years by listening to healthcare professionals.

Our experience is built into the design of the equipment. We pass onour knowledge of sound ergonomic principles to care facilities through training and injury prevention programmes.

We are always working in line with national clinical guidelines, standards and legislations.


ArjoHuntleigh understands the care process and how it can be optimised to improve patients’ and residents’ quality of life and enhance working conditions for carers. These insights are outlined in the dynamic model of high-quality care: The Positive Eight.

Our consultancy services, Diligent, analyse a care facility’s needs for working space, mechanical aids and staff training, and generate a tailored plan to create optimum conditions for achieving Positive Eight benefits.


Safe Patient Handling
ArjoHuntleigh is committed to making patient lifting and patient transfers safer and more comfortable for both patient and carer. With the right equipment and education, carers can use patient lifts and patient standing and raising aids safely and in optimised comfort.

Back Injury Preventioin-
By eliminating manual lifting, ArjoHuntleigh lifts play a major role in back injury prevention and promoting a safer working environment.

Everyday patient lifters from ArjoHuntleigh worldwide perform over 1,000,000 patient transfers.

Ceiling lifts and Mobile lifts complement each other and work together to provide a safe patient handling environment.

In a limited area the Ceiling lift could be preferred where as a Mobile sling lift gives you more flexability wherever the patient handling manoeuvre is required.

Patient Lifters

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