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Best praxis in productivity and performance

This annual show, held in Montreal, which welcomes more than 2000 visitors, is the meeting place of managers and workers who show an interest for concrete improvement and innovation. The Best Business Practices exhibition offers concrete solutions to organizations on how to improve their productivity and performance.

BHM was asked to share its experience by presenting the results of the “Gemba Walk", part if its quest of Lean Manufacturing. “Gemba Walk”, consists in going where the value-added activities take place.

The objectives are to effectively address opportunities for improvement, emphasize
communication and teamwork, reduce lead times, improve success rate of products “right the first time” and ultimately, increase productivity.

A multi-departmental team was formed and tours the plant floor every morning to review the results, identify opportunities and assign responsibility for quick resolution of problems.

The results are very impressive. On average, nine improvement actions a week are resolved within 24 hours, not less than 15 improvement projects and 6 Kaisen were completed in the last 12 months.

The “Gemba Walk” team was anxious to present this project at the exhibition and share the benefits of this practice.

The team is proud of its accomplishments and was able to transmit their knowledge
and experience and discuss continuous improvement with representatives from various

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