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A Real Solution to Ergonomic Problems
An increasing number of healthcare managers are realising that only investing in lifting equipment does not solve all their problems with injuries related to patient handling. In many cases it takes more than products to create an ergonomically sound environment: you need to choose the right product that fit the individual patient or resident; you need the right amount of equipment; you need to make sure that the products are used and you need to make sure that the products are used in the correct way.
To take the full advantage of an investment in equipment, you need to assess your facility’s needs to make sure that you get the right equipment and you need a programme to train your staff – not just the equipment in the right way, but actually use the right equipment in the right way every time it should be used.
To facilitate this process, ArjoHuntleigh has developed an ergonomic intervention programme called Diligent that assesses the facility’s needs, provides the correct equipment, and provides long-term training of the nursing staff as well as a technical service programme.
One example of this is the German nursing home Altenzentrum St Aegidien in Hannover, which recently embarked on their Diligent programme.

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