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Arjo is changing the graphic identity

Since 10 years back, ARJO is part of the Getinge Group. The Getinge Group is a growing and successful company - a world leader in its field. It is now time to bring ARJO, MAQUET and GETINGE together visually to enable us to realise the full potential of our strength.

All three business areas are leaders in their fields, and represent strong brands that have many sound values associated with them. Presenting a united front in all business area communication will give synergy effects that will empower and benefit both our customers and our selves.

By a common layout of everything from brochures to business cards, and by a uniform way of writing the logotypes, ARJO, MAQUET and GETINGE will be brought closer together .

The change into the new corporate identity will take place during 2005.

If you have further questions or need our new logotype in a digital format, please contact our Marketing Communications Department for assistance.

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